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Mini Shower Steamers | + VARIOUS

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Holiday Splendor, The Gentleman, Stress Free & Sinus Relief

1.5oz Mini Shower Steamer

Sinus Relief |  Do you ever need to take a shower because you are just so stuffed up and want to breath and relax? Well we have the solution for you. Our sinus relief shower steamer is a strong mint sinus cream scent. This will brighten up your airways and help you breath and relax.

Stress Free | One of our most relaxing shower steamer is our lavender or stress free. There a fresh aroma that is a must have for relaxing and calming. Our lavender -stress free shower steamer is used in aromatherapy and can help you relax, soothe, and destress.

The Gentleman | A bestseller! It is a light and elegant scent for men or women that begins with mild citrus notes followed by aquatic mid notes. The scent finishes smoothly with woods notes of oak moss, satinwood, and amber. This scent is truly a favorite of everyone!

Holiday Splendor | Cozy, holiday combination of apples, oak, balsam, fir, and pine, with a background of cinnamon and clove.


Pamper yourself or your family & friends with a relaxing, natural, handmade shower steamer this holiday season.  Not just for the ladies! Simply set on the shower floor under the spray of the shower and enjoy the relaxing scent and bonus - they soften your feet! 

Our shower steamers are handmade by a fellow small business in Minnesota with natural ingredients.

Country Bathhouse sells a variety of products made with all-natural ingredients. Natural bath and beauty products can:

  1. Provide protection from infections
  2. Heal skin damage
  3. Reduce skin irritation
  4. Keep your hormones in balance
  5. Keep harmful chemicals from damaging our planet